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Terrier IR Platform - Terabyte Retriever v5.9

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🔍 Terrier is a highly flexible, efficient, and effective open source search engine, readily deployable on large-scale collections of documents. Terrier implements state-of-the-art indexing and retrieval functionalities, and provides an ideal platform for the rapid development and evaluation of large-scale retrieval applications.

Terrier is open source, and is a comprehensive, flexible and transparent platform for research and experimentation in text retrieval. Research can easily be carried out on standard TREC and CLEF test collections.

☕ Terrier is written in Java, and is developed at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow.

The latest version of Terrier can be found at

🆕 🐍 New in 2020, Terrier has Python bindings called PyTerrier. PyTerrier allows experiments to be conducted in a succinct, declarative manner, including in Jupyter or Colab notebooks, while benefiting from the flexibility of Terrier.

Open Source Licence

📗 Terrier is subject to the terms detailed in the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. The Mozilla Public License can be found in the file LICENSE.txt or at the URL By using this software, you have agreed to the licence.

Citation Licence

The source and binary forms of Terrier are subject to the following citation license:

📄 By downloading Terrier, you agree to cite at least one of these four papers describing Terrier in any kind of material you produce where Terrier was used to conduct search or experimentation, whether be it a research paper, dissertation, article, poster, presentation, or documentation. For more information on publications concerning Terrier, see the Terrier Bibliography here. By using this software, you have agreed to the citation licence.

Getting Started

⏩ In order to start experimenting with Terrier or developing new applications with Terrier, we recommend starting from the quickstart documentation.

Other Resources

  • 📚 The full documentation of Terrier can also be found on the offical website.
  • 🪲 Bug reports, question or requests for new features can be posted on the issue tracker.
  • :octocat: More information about PyTerrier can be found at its Github repo.

Contact: School of Computing Science
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