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Tells your UVerse router to reconnect to AT&T
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Reconnects a U-verse router to AT&T. Tested on 5268AC. This router has a bug that causes network latency over time (more so when using Gigabit Fiber).

This is a fork of ATT-Uverse-Automated-Router-Rebooter. Use this version if the router is connected to an external battery backup. The original reboot script shuts down the router instead of rebooting.


  • install nvm
  • Clone repo
  • cd ATT-Uverse-Router-Reconnect
  • Edit reboot.js and modify the following two values:
  var routerAccessCode = "";  
  var routerIP = "";
  • nvm use node
  • npm install
  • node reboot.js
  • Schedule "node reboot.js" via crontab, PM2 etc.
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