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We are not responsible for any LOSS via using this software.
A set of script with a GUI interface for you to trade any financial product in market, for now I only test on future index product.
we follow kiss(Keep It Simple & Stupid) rule.
Keeping every function tiny, easy, and small not easy to break down the trading system, and easy to understand.
Just for you to test or some other developer interested in this field.
Online document
Windows (32bit) installer
In the near future we'll release the windows executable binary(.exe file) for download.
main GUI frontend autotrader.exe
For developer you should have Python environment on version 2.7, most Linux distribution had installed, on Windows you can download it from,
take a look at requirements.txt. This project use wxFormBuilder v3.3.4-beta to build GUI layout ( ), you can open wx.fbp under wxFormBuilder for reference.
You are welcome to send any patches.
License: MIT for individual, GPL for none individual.
Author: TerryH, email: at,
Windows ICON from