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PSR 17: UploadedFileFactory Example

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PSR 17 Factories






createUploadedFile($stream, $size, $error, $clientFilename, $clientMediaType)

  • param StreamInterface stream * The underlying stream representing the uploaded file content.
  • param int|null size = null The size of the file in bytes.
  • param int error = 0 The PHP file upload error.
  • param string|null clientFilename = null The filename as provided by the client, if any.
  • param string|null clientMediaType = null The media type as provided by the client, if any.
  • return UploadedFileInterface


$uploadedFileFactory = new UploadedFileFactory();

$sourcePath = BOOTSTRAP_DIR . '/sample/shieldon_logo.png';
$targetPath = STORAGE_DIR . '/images/shieldon_logo.png';

$streamFactory = new StreamFactory();
$uploadedFileFactory = new UploadedFileFactory();

$stream = $streamFactory->createStreamFromFile($sourcePath);
$uploadedFile = $uploadedFileFactory->createUploadedFile($stream);

// Move file from $sourcePath to $targetPath.