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vim-smooth-scroll makes scrolling in Vim nice and smooth. Find yourself completely lost every time you use Ctrl-f or Ctrl-b? You might want to give this plugin a try.


Install using Pathogen, Vundle, Neobundle, or your favorite Vim package manager.

Quick Start

Map your favorite keys like below:

noremap <silent> <c-u> :call smooth_scroll#up(&scroll, 0, 2)<CR>
noremap <silent> <c-d> :call smooth_scroll#down(&scroll, 0, 2)<CR>
noremap <silent> <c-b> :call smooth_scroll#up(&scroll*2, 0, 4)<CR>
noremap <silent> <c-f> :call smooth_scroll#down(&scroll*2, 0, 4)<CR>


smooth_scroll#up and smooth_scroll#down both take the following 3 parameters. Customize it however you like

  • Distance: This is the total number of lines you want to scroll
  • Duration: This is how long you want each frame of the scrolling animation to last in milliseconds. Each frame will take at least this amount of time. It could take more if Vim's scrolling itself is slow
  • Speed: This is how many lines to scroll during each frame of the scrolling animation