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terrytaylorbonn edited this page Feb 26, 2024 · 180 revisions

24.0226 UPDATE: Ordered yesterday from a Pixhawk 6c with GPS. Should get it within a week. After I get it do HITL testing (part 3). Then order the frame and RC+battery. Meanwhile, working on Linux certification.


You can buy the latest drone or some AI-enabled product easily. But its still quite a challenge to get started in development of AI or drones. I got started with no assistance (it was not easy) thanks to a few good tutorials (that were not easy to use) and stackoverflow.

I took a lot of good notes along the way. In early 2024 I decided to create from my (extensive) notes what is basically a "Getting Started with AI drones" program consisting of 2 components (works in progress):

  • This wiki that provides a very organized big-picture conceptual intro to AI drones (something that I have not seen elsewhere). I have probably made some mistakes, but with time I will get everything right.
  • Step-by-step detailed documentation on my public Google drive.

I still have lot to learn (and document along the way). Things are just getting started!

The screenshots below: (left) QGroundControl, (middle) Matlab Simulink and (right) the real (FPV) thing (if jammed, the FPV drone becomes uncontrolled; with AI it becomes autonomous).

image image

Note: This wiki will eventually be published to (url reserved already). The "Aux" in "Auxdrone" comes from, an NGO in Ukraine that really piqued my interest in AI drones (I got acquainted with the company during a chance meeting in Kyiv with one of their British consultants).