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Brainstorming for DSpace REST

  • Data Flows - Describe application scenarios (search/browse) and the sequence of calls to support them
  • Object Schemas - Describe data elements for each object return type
  • Request Specs - Describe the rest endpoints, required parameters and optional parameters

Additional Thoughts

  • Authentication
    • For ad-hoc REST clients developed outside of the standard UI, how will REST authentication work?
    • How will stackable authentication be invoked?
  • Admin Tasks
    • Could all admin tasks and command line tasks be collapsed into curation tasks (with parameters and output)
    • Could many custom admin endpoints be simplified if a corresponding curation task could be invoked?


  • Is the rest api involved in theme selection? Is this a simple return of a config mapping?
  • How does metadata enrichment for Google Scholar or Google ( take place? Is this fully handled by the UI?
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