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Cordova plugin wrapping the native Android and iOS TxRx libraries
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Cordova TxRx plugin

Cordova plugin wrapping the native Android and iOS TxRx libraries.


The plugin is released under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE.txt file.



This plugin requires Android SDK 18 or newer, you are then required to specify the minimum Android SDK version in your config.xml file. Do not place place the following code inside the <platform name="android"> tag.

<preference name="android-minSdkVersion" value="18" />


No particular requirements.


To install the plugin run the following command inside your cordova project's folder:

cordova plugin add

Demo app

We have developed a demo cordova app to showcase the plugin, you can find it here.


The first thing you need to do is register the callback functions that the plugin is going to call whenever a certain event occurs (eg. a message has been received, a device just disconnected and so on...). You will then implement your own login inside your callbacks functions.

You can register the following callbacks, most of them should hopefully be self-explanatory:

  • onDeviceFound: Called every time the scan function finds a new device.
  • afterStopScan: Called when the scanning process is stopped or halted after timeout.
  • onConnectionError
  • onConnectionTimeout
  • onDeviceConnected: Called after a succesful connection to a device.
  • onDeviceDisconnected
  • onNotifyData
  • onReadData: Called when there is new data to read.
  • onReadError
  • onReadNotifyTimeout
  • onWriteData
  • onWriteError
  • onWriteTimeout

All the error callbacks are invoked passing a single string argument containing the error message.

Register the callback functions

To register more than one callback at the same time you can use the registerCallbacks method of the plugin assing an object containing the callbacks:

// register many txrx callbacks
var callbacks = {
    "onDeviceFound": app.onDeviceFound,
    "afterStopScan": app.afterStopScan,
    "onConnectionError": app.onConnectionError,
    "onConnectionTimeout": app.onConnectionTimeout,
    "onDeviceConnected": app.onDeviceConnected,
    "onDeviceDisconnected": app.onDeviceDisconnected,
    "onNotifyData": app.onNotifyData,
    "onReadData": app.onReadData,
    "onReadError": app.onReadError,
    "onReadNotifyTimeout": app.onReadNotifyTimeout,
    "onWriteData": app.onWriteData,
    "onWriteError": app.onWriteError,
    "onWriteTimeout": app.onWriteTimeout

Register a single callback

To register (or overwrite) a single callback you can use the registerCallback method and pass the callback's name and reference:

// register a single txrx callback
cordova.plugins.txrx.registerCallbacks("callBackName", callbackFunction);

Scan for devices

To scan for devices you can use the startScan method:

// scan for devices

When a new device is found, your onDeviceFound callback will be called together with an object containing the device's label and address:

// your registered callback
onDeviceFoundCallback(device) {
    console.log("New device found: " + + " @ " + device.address); 

Stop scanning

You can stop the scanning by calling the stopScan plugin method. Otherwise the scan will just stop after the timeout.

// stop scanning

Connect to a device

To connect to a device you need to call the connect plugin's method and pass the device's address:

// connect to a device

If the connection is succesful, your onDeviceConnected will be called:

// your registered callback
onDeviceConnectedCallback() {
    console.log("Succesfully ocnnected to desidered device"); 

Write data

To write data use the writeData method of the plugin:

// write data

Read data

To get notified when there is new data to read you have to register yur implementation of the onNotifyData callback:

// your registered callback
onNotifyDataCallback(data) {
    console.log("Received data: " + data); 

Disconnect from device

To disconnect from the connected device you can usue the disconnect plugin method:

// disconnect from device

When the device has been succesfully disconnected, your onDeviceDisconnected callback will be called.

Check if a device is connected

If you need to check wether a certain device is currrently connected or not, use the isDeviceConnected method, passing the device's address as a parameter:

// check if device is connected
    function(isConnected) {
        console.log("Is the device connected? " + isConnected);
    function(error) { console.log(error); }

API documentation

Please check the function comments in the txrx.js file for API level detailed documentation.

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