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A webpack plugin for async-define
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This simple plugin can be used to wrap a webpack bundle in async-define.

How to use it

Step 1: Set the name of your bundle (optional):

output: {
  library: 'Foo',
  libraryTarget: 'amd' // this is forced automatically by the plugin

Step 2: Set the external devDependencies (optional)

externals: {
  react: 'react-15.3',
  'react-dom': 'reactdom-15.3',
  nameOfTheLib: label,

Step 3: Use the plugin

var WPAsyncDefine = require('webpack-async-define');
plugins: [
  new WPAsyncDefine(),

You can now use this library with async-define (

Note: This procedure does not allow to create a bundle that satisfies MULTIPLE dependencies. You can do it manually building something like this:

var asyncDefine = require('async-define');
var react = require('react');
var reactDom = require('react-dom');

asyncDefine('react-15.3', function () {
  return react;

asyncDefine('reactdom-15.3', function () {
  return reactDom;
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