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This is a tes3mp version of graphic herbalism. Players can activate plants, removing them from the world and gaining ingredients. Whenever a cell is loaded, all the harvested plants respawn, if enough time has passed.

Requires DataManager!

You can find the configuration file in data/custom/__config_VisualHarvesting.json.

  • alchemyDeterminesChance default value is true. Determines, whether the amount of ingredients gathered depends purely on chance, or also on the player's alchemy skill.
  • menuId should only be changed if another script is using the same menuId
  • respawnTime how much time (in game hours) should pass until a plant grows again. By default is set to 720 = 24*30, same as vanilla Morrowind
  • fail
    • message shown when player fails to gather anything
    • sound plays when player fails to gather anything
  • success
    • message shown when player gathers anything
    • sound plays when player gathers anything
  • "plants" data on what ingredients you can gather from various plants. You can find the syntax below:
"<container refId>": {
    "ingredient": "<ingredient refId>",
    "amount": {
        "0": <highest roll that gives 0 ingredients>",
        "1": <highest roll that gives 1 ingredients>",

A plant may contain more than one ingredient. To do so, substitute the ingredient string with a table of strings called ingredients as seen below:

"<container refId>": {
    "ingredients": {
        "<ingredient refId>",
        "<ingredient refId>"
    "amount": {
        "0": <highest roll that gives 0 ingredients>",
        "1": <highest roll that gives 1 ingredients>",

When successfully harvested, one of the listed ingredients is randomly selected and placed in the player's inventory.

Mod Support

You can find a config file with all plants from Province Cyrodiil, Skyrim Home of the Nords, and Tamriel Rebuilt at this link. Simply place this version of the VisualHarvesting config file into your data/custom/ folder, or copy the plants table out and adjust to suit your needs.

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