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Test suite for m2e
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Latest commit 3e049e0 @atanasenko atanasenko 486721 - Eclipse classpathentry generation changed for alternative java
source directories since Mars

Signed-off-by: Anton Tanasenko <>
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org.eclipse.m2e.editor.tests updated jdt .settings to match java 8 bree
org.eclipse.m2e.editor.xml.tests 484359 Refactor marker resolutions and quick fixes
org.eclipse.m2e.model.edit.tests use m2e 0.13 dev env
org.eclipse.m2e.perftests partially updated perftests for 0.13.0 conventional maven project layout
.gitignore Add .DS_Store to .gitignore
pom.xml version 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT
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