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                        The Halls of ZK

Tired of the same old pirates, thieves, Cyclops, wizards, dragons,
horsemen, chiefs, spiders, weasel-like aliens and dungeon masters?
Tired of traveling in spaceships, magic boats, magic barrels,
spinning rooms and time machines? Tired of telling the robot where
to go? Tired of paying $$$$ for personal computer games you can't
even relate to? Have we got an escape for you?!

Announcing 'The Halls Of ZK', the original interactive fiction
game written exclusively for OpenVMS! The Halls Of ZK is a
sophisticated adventure game which takes place at Digital's
Spitbrook software engineering facility. Meet famous Spitbrook 
personalities! Incredible treasures and mind-boggling encounters
await you. Exercise your computer-related skills to solve the
myriad of obstacles that lead to the acquisition of the ultimate

The Halls of ZK was written by William Lees and Edmund Sulliva
sometime in August 1985. Since that time a VAX binary and a VEST'd
Alpha binary (with some source) has been floating around the 'net
at various websites. Recently the full source code, including the
source for the Interactive Fiction Compiler (IFC) was located by
John Reagan. The code generator for IFC was re-written to output
MACRO-32 source modules by Tim Sneddon and as such there are now
native versions for all OpenVMS supported architectures available.