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New Time-warp Feature #5

tesneddon opened this issue Jul 10, 2013 · 4 comments

New Time-warp Feature #5

tesneddon opened this issue Jul 10, 2013 · 4 comments


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Add a timewarp in the cafeteria maybe that takes you to 2013 (or maybe 2008, when ZKO3 is closing). Include a few rooms and the new barcode, and the covered walkway. The disused heliport....could be a bit of fun.

Be Warned!

There will be spoilers documented here as this covers a new feature of the game. If you want to figure out what to do all by yourself, then stop reading here...

@ghost ghost assigned tesneddon Jul 12, 2013
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Here is a link to the drawing of the planned ZKO in 2013 time-warp.

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Notes from correspondence with Paul Koning regarding the planned time-warp:

What I was thinking about doing for the time warp, is having the warp
in the cafeteria and it takes you forward to 2013. So, I change the
description for the Cafe to read:

You're in the Cafeteria.
On the wall is a menu of the day's selection. The cafeteria is
unusually clean and orderly, except for a few ice cream dishes
scattered among the 50 some odd tables. In the center of each table is
a dietary quiz for the person who gets bored eating alone.
Unfortunately, things don't look promising for a midnight feedbag
because the cafeteria has closed. There's not a scrap left for any
hungry adventures. Looking out the window you can see the helicopter
pad. There is an odd scratch on the far wall.

Then maybe if you touch the scratch...

Suddenly there is a horrible whirring noise.  You feel nauseous as the
world spins and blends around you.  It is too much and you pass out... come to and it is light outside.

You're in the Cafeteria.

And it starts from there, maybe Sunday around noon. To get back to
1985 you need to whisper at the new barcode to be sucked back through.

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Owner Author

Latest comments from Paul Koning:

The helipad is still around but looking beat up -- I don't think it's been used in a decade. It's still registered with the authorities, though.

There's a corridor from the lobby to the right, to building 300 (ZK2). Also, the corridor leading to the cafe has a jog in it, to the right a bit to meet up the cafe space.

I was thinking of present time as the starting point. Sort of like Mark Twain's "Connecticut Yankee" or the book "The dragon and the george". Both take you to the past via a passage of some sort, having started in the present. Something like this:

start: you're standing on a walkway in front of a large light gray building. There's something a bit like a stoa leading to the building, with the number 200 on it.

--walk into the building.

You're in a lobby. On the left is a glass door, with behind it a large empty space. Ahead and to the right are corridors.

-- go ahead. ... turn left ... turn right...

You're in a large rectangular open space, full of tables. It looks like a cafeteria. One side is all glass, looking out onto a forest with a small pond. At the far end is a wall with some black and white stripes on it.

-- walk to the wall

You notice that the stripes are arranged in groups of 6. To their right is a plaque with words speaking of 6 bit ASCII code.

-- say "nashua tech center"

The bars start to shimmer, then there is a flash of light. You wake up, pick yourself off the ground, look around. Things look a little different. The bars are gone. The view out the window seems changed. Your cellphone beeps -- the screen says "no signal".

-- Look out the window

You see that the forest has shrunk -- the trees are mere saplings. Next to the pond there is a sign that wasn't there before.

-- read the sign

The sign says "non-paged pool".

..... and you're off and running...

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Owner Author

I am warming to the idea of changing the opening, but I think that once "nashuatechpark" is whispered, that the game should start from the helicopter landing.

I would also like to add a reason to go outside and look at the non-paged pool sign.

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