Multilevel responsive dropdown menu.
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Responsive dropdown navigation menus

Responsive, accessible, multilevel dropdown menus, skinnable and ready for use.


  • Up to 3 levels of navigation
  • Collapses into vertical menu at breakpoint (default is 768px)
  • Vertical menu activated on touch/click, horizontal menu activated on hover (I'd like to add in detection for touch events, but most touch devices with wider screens also translate hover events into touch)
  • At breakpoint, menu is hidden by default, shown when "Menu" link is clicked (screen refresh required)
  • Screen reader accessible
  • Easy costumisation: design code separated from necessary layout css code.


Adjust breakpoints in both css and js file.

jQuery is required.

Pending further browser testing. So far has been tested in:

  • Modern Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera
  • IE 8-9
  • Older IE should be okay, haven't figured out a way to test reliably
  • Safari mobile
  • Android 2.3 stock browser
  • Opera mobile