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The Tessel Project

Code of Conduct

What is this project?

Tessel is a completely open source and community-driven IoT and robotics development platform. It encompasses development boards, hardware module add-ons, and the software that runs on them.

One common misconception is that we're a company. We're not! We're just a collection of (unpaid) people who find it worthwhile to spend our time building towards the Tessel Project mission.

What's a Tessel?

Our website should give you an overview of the hardware we build. You can see examples of things people have built on Tessel on our projects page.

What is this Tessel Project all about?

Tessel is about designing intuitive and accessible hardware development experiences around the open web. Feel free to read more about our mission and governance model. Please also read and adhere to our code of conduct.

What can I find in this repo?

This repository is for the organization and governance of the Tessel project as a whole. For code, see the Tessel GitHub organization.

For an introduction to the project's organization and key repos, check out the Technical Overview.

Current goals

The Tessel Project has these goals for September 2017 (our next Tessel Summit). They are organized into two overarching themes, each with several supporting tasks:

  1. Grow the community to increase contributions and encourage both inclusion and accessibility to newcomers.
  • Build effective working groups that can complete their tasks with measurable results. Celebrate the work of each of the working groups as goals are accomplished
  • Upgrade our documentation. Build more fritzing examples, API prototypes, and call out features that are currently missing from the docs
  • Update the website to more accurately represent the project and its plans (
  1. Support and grow the number of production deployments of Tessel in the field.
  • Create a guide to production-scale deployment of a Tessel project
  • Research user needs: What do people need to use T2 in production? Why aren't they using it currently?
  • Build Reach (
  • Get to JavaScript parity with Rust API and documentation ( Figure out JS-Rust inter-exection
  • Investigate and possibly execute a Tessel hardware upgrade (Tessel 2.1) for more RAM and Flash. This should legitimize the platform and build out the capabilities so there is less user experience friction

Working groups

The Tessel Project forms working groups to accomplish our year-long goals.

What's a working group?

  • A working group (WG) is a group of people working toward a defined, accomplishable goal.
  • WGs create some output measure of progress on a regular (every 1-2 weeks) schedule, whether that's meeting notes or something else

What working groups do we need to accomplish this year's goals?

  • Website WG: Create a better website for what we are & what we plan to be based on this year’s goals. Learn more/get involved. On Tessel's Slack, join #website-wg
  • Rust WG: Get the Rust language to 1st class support on Tessel. On Tessel's Slack, join #rust-wg
  • Reach WG: ship Reach, a low-power sensor node for Tessel ecosystems. On Tessel's Slack, join #reach-wg
  • Production WG: investigate user needs for production & write a guide on how to take a Tessel project to product scale. Also build and document GPIO/GUTS (Great Uses for Tessel in Stuff e.g. hacking a production system) projects. Learn more/get involved. On Tessel's Slack, join #production-wg
  • Tessel Memory WG: make larger projects deployable on T2, possibly as a 2.1 Tessel hardware

How can I get involved with the Tessel Project?

Quickest start

Find an issue tagged "contribution-starter" and start working!

Quick start

  1. Join the team slack and express your interest in contributing in the #community channel. You will receive a warm welcome.
  2. Read the Technical Overview to see if any particular area of the project strikes your fancy.
  3. Back on Slack, let us know if there's something in particular you'd like to work on – we're happy to help you get set up! A general post in #community should work.

The (slightly) longer version

By contributing to Tessel, you'll be a valued member of a passionate, diverse team and one of the pioneers of the burgeoning connected devices space. Here are some ways in which you can get involved:

Learn more about how we collaborate using Github:

If you have questions, please make a post on our forums and someone from the community will respond shortly. All contributors are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

Reach out

Get involved with our community in any way you are interested:

  • Join us on Slack — Collaboration and real time discussions (Recommended! - ask your questions here).
  • Tessel Forums — General discussion and support by the Tessel community.
  • — Community-submitted projects made with Tessel.
  • — Join a Tessel meetup near you! Meetups happen around the world and are the easiest way to play with hardware in person.
  • #tessel on Freenode — IRC channel for development questions and live help.
  • Stack Overflow — Technical questions about using Tessel.

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Tessel is in part funded by contributions through Open Collective.


Support us with a monthly donation and help us continue our activities. [Become a backer]


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