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Tessel 1 Documentation

If you are looking for Tessel 2 documentation, go to tessel.io/docs.

This is Tessel. Think of it as a tiny server, or a tiny robot you can control from the internet.

Tessel is programmed in JavaScript, and comes with Wifi built in. Capabilities such as sensing, and actuation can be added to Tessel with plug-and-play modules, or you can do your own wiring through the GPIO bank.

Tessel was designed for web developers to work in the world of hardware for the first time. However, whether you come from a web development background or have spent the last 40 years working in controls systems, we hope that you find Tessel easy and enjoyable to use.


To install and get started with Tessel, launch our First Run Experience.

Tessel 1 API Documentation

Tessel 1 Hardware Documentation

Tessel 1 Tutorials


If there's anything you can't find, something that isn't working, or documentation that we should add, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on the Tessel forums or on the Tessel Github repos.

Technical Machine is open source, hardware and software. We welcome your pull requests, and we encourage you to design your own modules and products based on our designs. Check out the contribution guide for more details.

Once you've made something (building block or whole system; both are useful), please share it with the community on the Projects Page!

We look forward to seeing what you make.

the Technical Machine Team
(Jon, Jia, Tim, Kelsey, Eric, Kevin, Ken, and Kwyn)