@HipsterBrown HipsterBrown released this Oct 13, 2016 · 135 commits to master since this release

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Commit Message/Description
697d641 0.1.0
b4b2c8a test(rust): use new Buffer instead of Buffer.from
1d1fca4 test: updates globals in jshintrc, fix jshint errors
bc0e04f Test cargo tessel sdk install/uninstall
9c22d4c Make callback first (consistent)
ec96aff Adds test for "cargo-tessel build … ".
ebe36a2 Inlines a string interpolation.
049ddf5 Fixes tests when Rust isn't installed.
5908e49 Refactors some internal functions to not take booleans.
4cb7968 Removes spurious downloading line.
018120c Adds more rust unit tests.
13841ca Fix missing context for CLI.
006d07d Adds some insight into the folder cleanup step.
7aa077f Normalizes some quotes.
10c6521 Changes to isVerified.
974c642 Corrects bugs.
5e54eaa Clarifies errors, comments, and logic.
cfd624d Cleans up error messages, repairs tests.
a6f42de Adds a comment about how to pass prebundle step.
b01f149 Resolves review feedback.
3956cf8 Refactors checkSdk and checkRust into promise methods.
6852f87 Adds cargo-tessel for managing SDK.
e963c0f Moves cargo-tessel exe to bin/.
89048e2 Repairs forced rustcc, JavaScript deploy issues.
643b4f3 Describes what binary targets exist.
7df64cf Formatting fixes.
5e47f36 Adds cargo-tessel script.
01ba3f3 Adds optional support for --rustcc.
cf0d82c Supports Rust target by bin name.
eab39ea Reinstate platform conversion with note.
9768845 Fixes review feedback.
7748c1b Repairs rebase.
ecb3489 Removes fs-extra-promise.
b49841e Addresses review feedback.
69e1bfe Removes bluebird by removing .finally requirement.
4d48520 Passes grunt beautification.
ab60289 Adds tessel2.json to the libstd bundle.
cbd073a Rust deployment now works properly.
18dedc9 Adds SDK subcommand to controller.
68789a1 Adds t2 sdk and Rust local compilation.
abc538a Removes allocator req from rust init.
172acec Adds new packages.
a4a752b deps: upgrade to update-notifier@1.x.x. Fixes gh-1036 (#1038)
f6bc52b Updates package.json, changes supported Node versions to >=4.2.0 (#1030)
0a01c06 t2 run: lanPrefer no longer needs to be enforced true. Fixes gh-1021 (#1023)
9b96af5 t2 remove => t2 uninstall
271a81c Convert t2 install-drivers and t2 install-homedir to t2 install X. Fixes gh-1019 (#1020)
94ef915 t2 version: clean up and dry out. Fixes gh-1016 (#1017)
6c17f2d t2 run/push: subargs issues. Fixes gh-1012 (#1013)
b4b6c5f better phrasing of t2 reboot (#996)
c53d41b Misc/document restore command (#994)