@johnnyman727 johnnyman727 released this Sep 2, 2016 · 40 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
45250d8 Avoid bridge state corruption when the SoC polls too fast
120ad3c Fix race condition in DMA
fc59f05 Avoid race condition when clearing USB interrupt flag
488a620 Fix boot LED animation
663feb0 Fix interrupt priorities
1d1fd48 port i2c: Use the correct interrupts and handle errors
6b83ba7 Ensure alignment of buffers used for USB
a19f512 Set RAM size to 32KB in linker script for SAMD21G18A
f00d419 Fix pervasive off-by-one error in bridge packet size.
0351bf7 port: Add comments
2f734e8 Fix badly-named function
d8e7b2b port: factor out platform-specific functions
1d3e139 Tessel.Port: allow intentional port closing and opening. (#201)
0c12fd8 fix(wifi): remove setImmediate, add Bcast regex
2adb9ab Tests: adds test for Tessel.prototype.close
91a540c fix(wifi): recursively check for an availanle IP
86cabc6 fix(wifi): getWifiInfo in enable/reset
e295b3e test(wifi): adds setup to enable/reset
c4848ee Adds CoC
29067d8 test(wifi): resolve connection IP to usable value
24be7f7 fix(wifi): resolve connection IP to usable value
1b0699e test(wifi): fetch connection from system, normalize security value
4365bbd feat(wifi): fetch connection from system, normalize security value
3adca39 chore(package): adds npm test script
dc54616 Add lower value test for .analogRead(). (#187)
7b0d6ae Tessel.Pin: tests for analogRead (upper value)
ab94b62 Update analog read write range (#184)
3845746 Fixes indentations in firmware/port.c
12e0b04 Changed test values.
b6e29ce Adds a test for emitting UART data as a buffer
d22e0a0 Fixes #176: read buffer instead string.