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A tasty, cozy delay plugin.
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Cocoa Delay

Cocoa Delay screenshot

Cocoa Delay is a free, open-source delay plugin in VST format. It focuses on clean design, easy operation, and a warm, lively sound.

Notable features:

  • Delay time drift, for giving the wet signal a slight wow/flutter effect
  • Adjustable wet level ducking based on the input signal
  • Static, ping-pong, and circular pan modes
  • Drive section based on open-source Airwindows saturation code


Feel free to give feedback on design, report bugs, make pull requests, etc. I like all sorts of involvement!

Building Cocoa Delay

  1. Clone wdl-ol.
  2. Add the necessary include files for the build targets you want to use. See Martin Finke's tutorial for more information.
  3. Clone the cocoa-delay repo into the wdl-ol base directory.
  4. Open CocoaDelay.sln in Visual Studio and build the project for the desired target.
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