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GUIs and Other Projects using Tesseract OCR


Name Linux Mac Windows License Description
gImageReader X X GPL v3 A graphical GTK frontend to tesseract-ocr
VietOCR X X X Apache 2.0 A GUI frontend for Tesseract OCR engine. Supports optical character recognition for Vietnamese and other languages supported by Tesseract
Free-Ocr-Windows-Desktop X GNU AGPL v3 Free OCR application for the Windows Desktop - Essentially a graphical user interface (GUI) for the Tesseract OCR engine. The application also includes support for reading and scanned PDF files
YAGF X GPL v3 A graphical front-end for cuneiform and tesseract
OCRFeeder X GPL v3 OCRFeeder is a document layout analysis and optical character recognition system
Lector X X GPL v2 A graphical ocr solution for GNU/Linux based on Python, Qt4 and tessaract OCR
Tesseract-OCR QT4 gui X Apache 2.0 Tesseract-OCR QT4 gui is a simple GUI for tesseract
Lime OCR X GPL v3 A simple, free OCR software for Windows using tesseract-ocr engine
Ocrivist X GPL v3 Ocrivist is a utility which makes it possible to scan and OCR books and other printed documents to PDF or Djvu format
Tesseract-GUI X GPL v2 Tessract-GUI is not a front-end for tesseract-ocr, it is just a graphical way to use it with simple image manipulation through ImageMagick
QTesseract X LGPL v3 QT GUI for the Tesseract OCR
pmOCR X BSD Batch OCR tool, also file monitor event OCR with tesseract
tesseract4java X X X GPLv3 A cross-platform GUI for training and running Tesseract with advanced features like batch recognition and accuracy evaluation
Linux-Intelligent-OCR-Solution(lios) X GPLv3 A GUI for scanning, running and training Tesseract with total accessibility for visually impaired and advanced features like Scanner Brightness optimizer, Text-Cleaner, etc
SunnyPage OCR X Proprietary A GUI frontend for Tesseract OCR engine with automatic adjustment of image brightness, image processing and PDF support.
PDF OCR X X X Proprietary PDF OCR is a simple drag-and-drop utility for Mac OS X and Windows, that converts your PDFs and images into text documents or searchable PDF files
TaxWorkFlow X Proprietary TaxWorkFlow is an accounting practice management application that includes GUI frontend for Tesseract OCR engine. The app supports AVX and allows to create OCR'ed PDF files of selected resolution and compression from PDF files and 100+ image file formats.

Online OCR services

  • Powered by PDF OCR X in back-end. Converts PDFs and Images to Text or searchable PDF.
  • WeOCR: is a platform for Web-enabled OCR (Optical Character Reader/Recognition) systems that enables people to use character recognition over networks
  • CustomOCR
  • Free OCR
  • i2OCR
  • Indic-OCR OCR Service An online OCR service for Indian languages


  • Android:

    • tess-two - A fork of Tesseract Tools for Android tesseract-android-tools that adds some additional functions.
    • textfairy Android OCR App with source code at
    • Character Recognition Android OCR App with source code at
    • tesseract-android-tools: set of Android APIs
    • Mobile OCR: The goal of Mobile OCR is to create an application for the Android platform that will recognize text from an image taken by the phone's camera. The application will be fully accessible to low vision and blind users
    • Across India: An app which lets users take pictures of sign boards in Indian Languages or English and transliterate it to the language that they can read.
  • iOS:

  • More OS:

    • ScanBizCards: Mobile solution for business card scanning. Requirements: iPhone 4/iPhone 3/Android 2.0


  • ocr-fileformat - Validate and transform between OCR file formats (hOCR, ALTO, PAGE, FineReader)
  • Tess4J - A Java JNA wrapper for Tesseract OCR API.
  • Traineddata inspector - to inspect some of the internals of traineddata files
  • TopOCR - high Quality OCR for Cameras with tesseract-ocr support (paid product)
  • Simple OCR Web Server using python, flask, tesseract-ocr, and leptonica
  • Display OCR is OpenCV-Python + python-tesseract real-time image preprocess and OCR of 7 segments font.
  • OpenOCR makes it simple to host your own OCR REST API.
  • is An implementation of RESTful web service for tesseract-OCR using tornado
  • RasterEdge .NET Image SDK - OCR Recognition is robust, high-performance recognition application of royalty-free distribution for desktop or server applications.
  • DevScope OCR SDK is an Optical Character Recognition toolkit engine based on Tesseract OCR v3 that allows to develop applications using Microsoft .NET framework
  • Paperwork - using OCR to grep dead trees the easy way (requires pyocr)
  • Aletheia - An Advanced Document Layout and Text Ground-Truthing System for Production Environments
  • gscan2pdf a GUI to produce PDFs or DjVus from scanned documents
  • Audiveris is an open-source Optical Music Recognition software which processes the image of a music sheet to automatically provide symbolic music information in MusicXML standard.
  • Ocrivist is a utility which makes it possible to scan and OCR books and other printed documents to PDF or Djvu format.
  • thu-ipv6-login a python script for IPv6 authentication in Tsinghua University with support for OCR of authcode
  • Wolfram Mathematica 9.0 use tesseract for recognizing text
  • node-dv is a node.js library for processing and understanding scanned documents
  • hocr-tools - python tools for manipulating and evaluating the hOCR format for representing multi-lingual OCR results by embedding them into HTML. They include hocr-pdf tool for creating searchable pdf.
  • PyPDFOCR - Tesseract-OCR based PDF filing
  • OCRmyPDF - Adds OCR text layer to scanned PDF files and images, allowing them to be searched. Processes pages in parallel on multi-core CPUs. Keeps exact resolution of original embedded images without recompressing JPEGs, when possible. Includes image several preprocessing options, detailed documentation, and support for many exotic PDFs.
  • ChronoScan is a complete suite for document Scanning & Data Entry
  • speedy-ocr utility to simplify scanning and OCR focus to help blind and visually impaired community. It is part of Vinux project.
  • Project VIRAL Varico Invoice Recognition with Assisted Learning
  • Bindery: A simple GUI for binding post processed scanned pages into digital documents
  • Clarify: Clarify helps you OCR 'image-only' PDFs. Your input is a PDF that you normally cannot extract text from. The output is text. Clarify is a python module that wraps up tesseract-ocr, xpdf and netpbm. Requirements: python, tesseract-ocr, xpdf, netpbm
  • hOcr2Pdf.NET: hOcr2Pdf.NET is a library that programmers can use to create highly compressed, searchable pdf's for applications. Requirements: .NET 2.0 or higher, Tesseract 3.0, JBig2.exe
  • PDFBeads: convert scanned images to a single searchable PDF file based on hOCR files. Requirements: ruby, RMagick, hpricot
  • ExactImage/hocr2pdf: creates a Searchable PDF from hOCR input. Requirements: libagg
  • HocrConverter: creates PDFs and plain text from hOCR documents. Requirements: python, reportlab
  • java source for very basic hOCR to PDF converter. Compiled version can be found at project modi2hocr. Requirements: java, jericho, iText2
  • hOcr2Pdf.NET: is a .NET library to convert .hocr html produced by Tesseract or Cuneiform into searchable pdfs using HtmlAgilityPack and iTextSharp. Requirements: C#.
  • Tally-Ho: Tally-Ho is a screen reader intended for sites like google books
  • Mayan EDMS: Document management system with tesseract as it's base
  • Olena: a generic and efficient image processing platform (tesseract is used in its part called scribo)
  • ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems, that allows you to perform OCR on DjVu files
  • PaRADIIT (Pattern Redundancy Analysis for Document Image Indexation & Transcription) is a project initiated and sponsored by 2 successive Google DH awards. It aims to turn ancient books, especially from the Renaissance, into accessible digital libraries.
  • The ISRI Analytic Tools consist of 17 tools for measuring the performance of and experimenting with OCR output.
  • pdf2pdfocr is a tool to OCR a PDF (or supported images) and add a text layer in the original file making it a searchable PDF. It is a python script that uses tesseract and other open source tools. Linux, macOS and Windows supported.
  • Indic Messenger A Facebook chat bot which can OCR images containing Indian/English text and transliterate it to other Indian scripts.
  • LibreOCR A LibreOffice extension which can convert an image to OCT and open in the Writer application.

IMPACT related

  • IMPACT project
  • IMPACT Centre - a not-for-profit organisation founded to sustain IMPACT outcomes and foster community building
  • IMPACT data
  • IMPACT tools
  • Results of the IMPACT project by PSNC Digital Libraries Team
  • Virtual Transcription Laboratory by PSNC
  • IMPACT Interoperability Framework - interoperability layer supporting the loose coupling of software components developed during the IMPACT project.
  • Inventory-Extraction-Tool Prototype is a prototype with graphical user interface (GUI) that allows for the extraction of a complete list of characters from a document, without reference to a specific language dictionary or a library of fonts.
  • Post Correction Tool is interactive post-correction of OCRed documents. Using the information obtained by the Text and Error Profiler the whole correction process is adaptive to the document being processed. In this way, usually huge numbers of systematic errors can be corrected with just a few keystrokes..
  • OCR evaluation tool.
  • BlackLab is a corpus retrieval engine built on top of Apache Lucene. It allows fast, complex searches with accurate hit highlighting on large, tagged and annotated, bodies of text. It was developed at the Institute of Dutch Lexicology (INL) to provide a fast and feature-rich search interface on our historical and contemporary text corpora.

For more information about IMPACT project see discussion in tesseract forum.

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