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Current Version 1.003

Item Functions

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Form_Template()" />

Render the Form Template.

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Reviews_Template( l.settings:product:id )" />

Render the Reviews Template. Returns reviews array in l.settings:tgr:reviews. If you do not pass an id (i.e. put 0, or an empty string), it will return all approved reviews for the store.

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Load_Product_Reviews( l.settings:product:id, l.settings:product:reviews )" />

Don't want to render the reviews template? Use this to save all the review data to a variable and utilize in template code.

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Date( 'F jS, Y', l.settings:review:created, l.settings:review:formatted_created )" />

Format a timestamp, and save to a variable (3rd parameter). Uses PHP's date function as a reference.

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Product_Rating( l.settings:product:id, l.settings:product:product_rating )" />

Returns the average product rating value to a variable (2nd parameter).

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Product_Review_Breakdowns( l.settings:product:id, l.settings:tgr:breakdown )" />

Returns a breakdown of ratings for a product to a variable (2nd parameter). Array has 2 members: count and rating

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Product_Review_Count( l.settings:product:id, l.settings:tgr:review_count )" />

Returns a total number of approved reviews for a product to a variable (2nd parameter).

<mvt:item name="tgreviews" param="Test_MailAfter_Email( 12345, '' )" />

This will trigger the email for any order you specify, to the email you specify. This is specifcally made to test the email template. Please note: BCC and CC will not carry through. If you have left a review on a product in the order, it will skip that product.

Live Example

Bare Bones Broth

Admin UI

Yaaaaas Admin UI

Future Feature Wishlist

  • Do Not Email Me List
  • Trigger emails (2 more) based on X days (if customer hasn't reviewed yet)