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🏬 La Bodega 🏬

La Bodega is an app that emulated the experience of shopping at your neighborhood bodega/ corner store deli. La Bodega talks to it's backend La Bodega API which contains seeded instances of produce and the ability to manipulate a customer's cart found in the controllers.

app runthrough gif


bundle install
rails db:migrate && rails db:seed
rails s

Copy the resulting url listed as Listening on [url] (often it will be localhost:3000), paste the url into your browser & voila. If there are problems, start by checking that the data has seeded by running rails c, then User.all


  • A user can login and signup
  • On the Home page, a user can browse through lists of categorized grocery items and add them to their shopping cart
  • On the Cart page, a user can pay their cart unless they don't have enough money in their wallet
  • On the Profile page, a user can check the total of their prevoious cart, that of their current cart, and their wallet
  • Here, a user can add money to their account

Built With

🛒 Future Tasks

  • Implement Stripe


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