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Documentation for KitchenCI.


To preview the documentation in your browser run the following:

bundle install
bundle exec middleman server

While the Getting Started guide is written in primarily Markdown a few pages use Slim, an HTML templating engine for Ruby.

Then go view the docs at http://localhost:4567. Edits to the documentation source files should cause the middleman server to reload so you can see your changes update live.


All documentation will be hosted on the official Kitchen website (http://kitchen.ci), which is a static site built with Middleman.

The important parts to familiarize yourself with for contributing to the KitchenCI documentation are the markdown renderer and syntax highlighting engines used to power http://kitchen.ci.

Markdown rendering is handled by kramdown. It would be worth your while to briefly review the kramdown documentation as there are some subtle differences (as well as a number of helpful extensions) that deviate from the Markdown standard.

Syntax Highlighting is handled by middleman-syntax, which uses Rouge, which is a ruby-based syntax highlighting engine that is compatible with Pygments templates and supports things like "fenced code blocks" and language-specific syntax highlighting from Markdown.

Style Guide

There are four elements that may be used for "styling" the docs content: in-line code highlighting, code blocks, blockquotes, and a special hack around markdown tables that we'll use for what we call "Pro-Tips".

In-line Code Highlighting

To highlight some code inline with other content, just "quote" the text using backtick characters (`). See the kramdown documentation for more details.

Fenced Code Blocks

To highlight a block of code, start and finish the block with three or more tilde characters (~). To enable syntax-highlighting, just indicate the code language after the tildes on the first line.

For example, this code:

title: "KitchenCI Overview"
  url: installing-kitchen
  text: "Installing KitchenCI"

...will yield this output:

title: "KitchenCI Overview"
  url: installing-kitchen
  text: "Installing KitchenCI"

See the kramdown documentation for more information.


To draw attention to some content with a blockquote, just start the line(s) with a > (right angle bracket / greater than symbol). See the kramdown documentation for more information.


The Kitchen Documentation is released under the MIT license.