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TLS auth example

How to create valid local untusted nginx installation and TLS auth.

  1. Start django app
  2. install nginx
  3. Run generate_server_keys.sh and generate_client_cert.sh or use existing demo keys from demo_keys directory
  4. copy nginx config to nginx folder, copy keys to /etc/nginx/tls-ssl/ folder
  5. start nginx
  6. ensure script pythonic_certificate.py has access to client keys (put them in same directory or update pathes inside the script)
  7. run pythonic_certificate.py script.

Leave any password empty when you create the certificates.

After the script has been started it will return you demo_auth result, where you expect some user returned. When you go here you can see this user. If you have already created some demo accredited party in django admin then you can add relationship between this user and this party here, and from now on pythonic_certificate.py script would return this party ID in accredited_parties list.

You may not worry about keys generation and just use keys from demo_keys folder here, I've generated it for you.