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1 parent ce5028a commit ff647c31fa3bb547fdfa12572eef156ed5c67f74 172 committed
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2 trans.aspx
@@ -457,7 +457,7 @@
<input id="txtStraddrno" type="text" class="txt c2"/>
<input id="txtStraddr" type="text" class="txt c3"/>
- <td class="td3" ><span> </span><a id="lblEndaddrno" class="lbl btn"></a></td>
+ <td class="td3" ><span> </span><a id="lblEndaddr" class="lbl btn"></a></td>
<td class="td4">
<input id="txtEndaddrno" type="text" class="txt c2"/>
<input id="txtEndaddr" type="text" class="txt c3"/>

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