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πŸŽ‰ 1.9.0 is here and it's a big release! πŸŽ‰

Many bugs were squashed, and we have some awesome new features for you. As always, thanks so much to our growing list of amazing contributors! Everybody on this list deserves thanks (and beers!).

Here are some highlights of the 1.9.0 release:

A vastly improved way to expose host ports to containers ✨

It's similar to host.docker.internal, except this should work anywhere that Testcontainers works. It's like magic:

// tell Testcontainers which host ports to expose to your containers

// later, just give your container this address to use to reach back to the host:
address = "http://host.testcontainers.internal:" + someHostPortNumber;

For a more complete example see here.

Npipe support for Docker on Windows 🎈

Testcontainers now uses OkHttp by default to talk to Docker, with Npipe support. This means no more need to configure Docker for Windows to use TCP mode.

Many improvements to registry authentication πŸ”‘

Support for Docker credential stores/credential helpers has continued to be improved, and is now supported on Windows!

Many updates and improvements to the Couchbase module 🎊

And lots, lots more:

What's Changed


  • Switch to OkHttp as default transport (#853) @bsideup
  • Add cross-platform support for exposing host ports to containers using SSH port forwarding (#806) @bsideup
  • Add ClickHouse module (#846) @VladRassokhin
  • Allow Couchbase container to support random ports using socat sidecar container (#815) @kaidowei
  • Add support to override default username and password in Oracle XE container (#823) @kiptix
  • Docs: Added example of using Kafka Test Containers (#840) @iNikem
  • Tests: replace boolean parameters with EnumSet in JDBCDriverTest (#849) @VladRassokhin
  • Improve copyFileToContainer support (#829) @bsideup
  • Allow specifying the rate limiter for AbstractWaitStrategy (#838, #837) @chibenwa
  • Make MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and MYSQL_PASSWORD the same value (#857) @dougEfresh
  • Update mockserver to 5.4.1 (#832) @lanwen
  • Update Pulsar to 2.1.0 (#824) @haphut
  • Update CouchbaseContainer to 5.1.1 (#830) @kaidowei
  • Update docker-java to 3.1.0-rc4 (fixes support for identitytoken auth - #293)
  • Add support for Postgis to JDBC driver (#864) @kiview
  • Update Pulsar Container (#858) @aahmed-se
  • Mark Windows npipe support as stable (with a fix) (#865) @bsideup
  • Enable RegistryAuthLocator for Windows, improve, and add Windows test coverage (#868) @aulea
  • Remove Netty classes from OkHttpInvocationBuilder (#869) @bsideup
  • Update Pulsar to 2.1.1 (#874) @haphut
  • Check FS mounting lazily (#875) @bsideup
  • Allow configuration of user settings to support couchbase community version (#777) @kstrek


  • Improve support for docker registry authentication and docker hub private registry credentials (#845) @rnorth
  • Fix NginxContainer wait behaviour (#818) @rnorth
  • Fix inverted logic in Selenium module - ensures that correct sessions are captured when using RECORD_FAILING mode (#821) @bsideup
  • Fix deadlock when ryuk does not acknowledge filters (#843) @thammerl
  • Various CouchbaseContainer fixes (#830) @kaidowei
  • CouchbaseContainer: Fix java.net.SocketException exception in stop() (#859) @dnault
  • Fix UnixDomainSocketInitializer to use configured docker host in connect() (#855) @aantoniadisatypon
  • Fix local docker-compose support on Windows10 (#863) @kiview
  • MockServerContainer: remove dependency to java api (#833) @lanwen
  • Guard against potential NPE if startup fails before container creation (#876) @rnorth
  • Remove unnecessary start() call in initCouchbaseContainer() method - improves stability of tests based on AbstractCouchbaseTest (#877) @kiview