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JavaScript To-Do App Face-Off

In the last few years, several JavaScript application frameworks have emerged, all competing to be the tool-of-choice for building To-Do applications on the web. This is a contest to implement a to-do application with the application framework of your choice, and then compare and contrast your results with those of other forks of the repo.


  1. Go play with a working example of this Todo application.

  2. Pick an app framework to use. Here are some frameworks you might try to implement this in:

  3. Load the JavaScripts you'll need in index.html

  4. (This step's important) Write the app!

    You'll notice that client-side HTML templates are provided in <script> tags in index.html. To get at the default HTML template for the main application view, you might do this with jQuery:


    From that point, most JavaScript app frameworks have a facility or convention for applying client-side templates.

  5. Make the specs pass

    There are several Jasmine specs included (you'll probably notice the runner output on the bottom of the page). Prove your implementation is the greatest by making them go green! You can find the specs in spec/todos-spec.js

    At the top of the spec file, there's a window.todoAppDriver object which defines a few methods for interacting with the application. These methods work great with Jérôme's backbone.js example, but your mileage may vary. Feel free to override those methods as necessary so that the specs know how to create, read, update, and delete to-dos in your version of the app.

  6. Compare your results!

    With the benefit of hindsight, check out how others implemented their applications by pulling down other forks of this repo.


The repo comes with the web assets from Jérôme Gravel-Niquet's Todo List example for backbone.js.