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Hi testem team,

I installed the TAP plugin into TeamCity and set a build step as testem ci. I see all the TAP output, but I don't see a GUI representation of it in a Test tab. I only see the TAP ouput in the build log. How do I bring more visibility to testem in TeamCity?



airportyh commented Jul 19, 2013

Honestly I have not setup from end-to-end on TeamCity before. However, I'd like to make an xunit reporter (airportyh#224) soon so that you wouldn't need a TAP plugin any more - hopefully that will get you going.

Good to know, I'll follow up with the TAP plugin author to resolve my issue in the mean time. Thx



airportyh commented Jul 25, 2013

xunit test reporter has landed.

Please test and let me know if that helps.

Hi Toby,

The dot output works without error, but the xunit flag outputs this error in Windows 7 64-bit
Can't set headers after they are sent


ccamarat commented Jul 26, 2013

We've been running TestEm with TeamCity for several months now without issue. I updated TestEm last night and TAP parsing failed. I noticed that the header "TAP version 13" is missing from the new output. I echoed it in our launch script, just before kicking off TestEm and TeamCity read the results just fine. I'll see about putting together a pull request for this.


ccamarat commented Jul 26, 2013

Added a pull request for this issue.

@ccamarat How did you configure TeamCity to support TAP? I setup a Build Step of Command Line to call testem ci which outputs the TAP into the build log.


ccamarat commented Jul 26, 2013

Are you calling TestEm directly from the build step? If so consider wrapping it in a shell script that echos "TAP version 13" just before executing TestEm (until my pull request gets accepted, if it does).

WRT TeamCity config, I didn't do anything special, but so you can verify your config, here's what I've got:

  • installed the TeamCity TAP Plugin:
  • Build step looks like this:
    • Runner Type: Command Line
    • Step Name: Run JS Unit Tests
    • Working Directory:
    • Run: Executable with parameters
    • Command Executable:\Testem.RunCiTests.cmd

The cmd file simply configures the environment, echo's "TAP version 13", and executes TestEm in CI mode.

Hi @ccamarat

I was missing the TAP version 13, but I'll wait for your pull request to be accepted as my output doesn't work. Here's my build log

[13:54:38][Step 4/5] C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\89f6c5c620a52d40\Move.Map.Web>echo TAP version 13 [13:54:38][Step 4/5] TAP version 13 [13:54:38][Step 4/5] [13:54:38][Step 4/5] C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\89f6c5c620a52d40\Move.Map.Web>testem ci [13:54:42][Step 4/5] ok 1 IE 10.0 - Utilities should validate GeoJSON Point - invalid type [13:54:42][Step 4/5] ok 2 IE 10.0 - Utilities should validate GeoJSON Point - valid type


ccamarat commented Jul 28, 2013

Add "@echo OFF" at the top of your batch file. :)

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