FIle watching not working with custom test file #314

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m4nuC commented Nov 2, 2013

Is it possible to have testem watch my source file when using a custom test runner page? I have tried adding them to scr_files but no luck.


airportyh commented Nov 5, 2013

It should work even if you don't have a src_files declaration. See

Could you post a gist that demonstrates the problem? Then I can help you debug.

m4nuC commented Nov 6, 2013

Thanks i'd appreciate your input, here is my current test folder

okonet commented Dec 23, 2013

I also confirm that watcher doesn't trigger test runner restart. Here is my testem.json

  "test_page": "spec/index.mustache",
  "before_tests": "grunt before_tests",
  "serve_files": ["tmp/spec/**/*.js"],
  "watch_files": [
  "launch_in_dev": ["PhantomJS"],
  "launch_in_ci": ["PhantomJS"]

I use coffee script in my project so it took me some time to realize that I've to use a custom grunt task which compiles specs before running the suit. But it has been working on 0.5.x quite fine. After upgrade to 0.6.1 it doesn't triggers the runner restart after I edit coffee source files.



airportyh commented Jan 24, 2014

It must be this line where it is preventing the newly requested files from being watched. The rationale being that if you are specifying "serve_files", you don't want trigger retest when the .js files - which are generated - change, which could cause glitchy multiple firing effects. I don't understand your exact use case though. Can I see perhaps a runnable gist? Or at least the source of the custom test page.


rwjblue commented Apr 27, 2014

I put together a simple static file repo that demonstrates the problem:

@airportyh - It seems like this is supposed to be working. Am I doing something wrong here?

@rwjblue rwjblue referenced this issue in ember-cli/ember-cli Apr 27, 2014


Use new `tmp/output` location for Testem. #463


airportyh commented Apr 29, 2014

@rjackson here's a fix to your example here rjackson/testem-reload-failure#1. You've simply included testem's client-side script with the wrong path.


airportyh commented Apr 29, 2014

Anyone else with this problem who would like to chime in? Otherwise I will close this.

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