stdout in ci with tap reporter #366

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Is there any way to have stdout and stderr?

I'm running mocha-casperjs and in CI I only see "failed", I have run testem in dev mode to see what casperjs prints to stdout/stderr to get some context


a temporary workaround is to define the launcher with piping to tee, like mocha --no-color --reporter tap --compilers coffee:coffee-script/register test/api | tee test-report/api.tap 2>&1


Is the stdout/stderr output intermixed with the tap data?


Sounds like the right thing to do would be to # escape the unexpected output.


Just piggy backing this issue. I've come across a TAP reporting issue when using testem and mocha-casperjs.

The tap output just outputs 1 test as passed if all 13 of my tests pass using testem CI.

Testem CI output:

Standard mocha-casper output:

Is there a way to get the Testem CI reporting all the tests properly?


also see #509 to be able to push test output to a file

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