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I am using testem-0.6.16. It is working fine for me when I run my tests in dev mode with testem command, but when I run testem ci command it is not able to find any tests. My tests are all jasmine tests and I run them on PhantomJS.

Following is output that I get when I run testem ci -

screen shot 2014-06-06 at 8 20 55 pm

But When I run just testem, it works fine -

screen shot 2014-06-06 at 8 22 29 pm

Here is my testem.yml file-

test_page: "jasmine/SpecRunner.html"
launch_in_dev: [PhantomJS]
launch_in_ci: [PhantomJS]
phantomjs_debug_port: 21000

I am not able to find out what is wrong here.

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Nothing jumps out at me. What happens if you try a different browser, say Chrome?


I tried to run tests on all available launchers for ci mode, but the same output.
screen shot 2014-06-10 at 8 37 45 pm


And following is output when I try to run testem ci -l command-

screen shot 2014-06-10 at 8 50 26 pm


-l wants a browser as a parameter. Try testem ci -l chrome instead.


No luck, same output again for testem ci -l chrome.


This is likely an edge case. I will need a minimal gist I can download and use to reproduce the issue before I can investigate.


Here is gist that I have created

Here is required directory structure to run this-

+---- testem.yml
+---- SpecRunner.html
+---- SpecRunner.js
+---- TestemSpec.js
+---- lib
|      +---- jquery.js
|      +---- jasmine-jquery.js
|      +---- require.js
|      +---- jasmine-2.0.0
|      |      +---- jasmine.js  
|      |      +---- jasmine-html.js  
|      |      +---- boot.js
|      |      +---- jasmine.css
|      |      +---- jasmine_favicon.png

Here is the output when I run testem command-

screen shot 2014-06-12 at 7 27 08 pm

And following is output for testem ci command-

screen shot 2014-06-12 at 7 27 24 pm

I followed all steps mentioned on testem wiki for setup, let me know If any thing extra that I might be missing.


Just piggy backing this issue. I've come across a TAP reporting issue when using testem and mocha-casperjs.

The tap output just outputs 1 test as passed if all 13 of my tests pass using testem CI.

Testem CI output:

Standard mocha-casper output:

Is there a way to get the Testem CI reporting all the tests properly?


Will there be a fix for this soon? I am unable to use testem until this is fixed.


@javaConductor Are you using jasmine 2.0 with requirejs for your specs? If yes, then this might help you solve the problem.

I took us to figure out that its actually issue with Jasmine 2.0 and RequireJS and not really with testem. But I would like testem to make the error/exception visible instead of eating it up.


No, I am not using requires.js directly. In PhantomJS, the shim.js file has a reference to the require.JS lib. I don't think i'm using the shim.
Also, I have no html files - just the list of files in testem.json.\
and I do not use the 'define' function.


I've got the same problem. When running in dev mode, a lot of tests is reported back from browser (tested with both chrome and safari), but in CI mode it never reports back.
I've checked that testem.js indeed emit's the messages from the browser, but the never seem to hit testem.

Further investigations shown that closing the browser reports back one test run, with multiple different browsers it returns one test run per browser.
I've tried both with requirejs and without but same result.
Also tested with both nodejs 0.10.33 and 0.11.14.
All test run with OS X Yosemite.


I've found out that the issue with my setup. I had a redirect (made with a meta refresh) on the test_page which clearly lead to the issue. I've removed the redirect and now my setup works as it should. Anybody else still having the issue?


Was this issue resolved? I have same thing - working tests in dev mode, and 0 in ci mode.

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