Can't run testem tests in testem #379

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If I run npm test, all the tests pass:

$ npm test
> testem@0.6.16 test /home/duncan/testem
> mocha --timeout 3000 tests/*_tests.js tests/*/*_tests.js -R spec
# snip
  163 passing

However, if I run testem ci, no tests are found:

$ testem ci

# tests 0
# pass  0
# fail  0

# ok

I think the underlying problem is that mocha isn't accessible through my $PATH. If I run testem interactively with testem, I see the following:

Open the URL below in a browser to connect.
      All     ┃
    0/0 ✔     ┃
No tests were run :(

/bin/sh: 1: mocha: not found
/bin/sh: 1: mocha: not found
# snip more of the above error

I'm running Linux Mint 64-bit (Cinnamon), NodeJS v0.10.29, NPM 1.4.16.

vire commented Aug 6, 2014

@duncan-bayne I've had a similar problem on Cinnamon, because node libs were NOT installed into the /usr/local/.. folder

what do you get when you try

ls -la `which mocha`

I've get

lrwxrwxrwx 1 $USER $USER 35 Jul 23 10:02 /usr/local/bin/mocha -> ../lib/node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha

then optionaly you can write your own ci runner in testem.jsonand make him run the local installed mocha (you need to put it in package.json via npm -i mocha --save-dev) and configure the path to run .node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha


Yeah, npm scripts loads the local bin scripts into the path within its environment, testem doesn't do that.

@airportyh airportyh closed this Aug 6, 2014
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