SauceLab Integration

Run your tests on various browsers hosted on SauceLabs!


  1. Get a SauceLabs account.
  2. Install saucie via SAUCE_CONNECT_DOWNLOAD_ON_INSTALL=true npm install saucie -g. If the SAUCE_CONNECT_DOWNLOAD_ON_INSTALL environment variable is not set then sauce-connect-launcher will attempt to download it on the first run which might prevent saucie from working if elevated privileges are not used.
  3. Make sure Sauce credentials are set in env:
    • SAUCE_USERNAME - your SauceLabs username
    • SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY - your SauceLabs API/Access key.
  4. Run testem ci --port 8080 to run it on all the listed browsers - see testem launchers for the full list.
    • It will take a while at the first time. This will only happen once to download the jar of Sauce Connect