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TestFairy Command Line Uploader

TestFairy's Command Line Uploader is a shell script to upload your IPA or APK files to TestFairy for monitoring and distribution.

There are 3 shell scripts in this repository:

  • testfairy-uploader.sh Will upload iOS IPA files or Android APK files to TestFairy for distribution.

  • testfairy-upload-android-windows.bat Will upload APK Files from Windlows servers.

When working with these shells scripts, notice that you will have to edit them and provide your API KEY and (optionally) other values such as testers groups to invite, metrics to record and other settings.


For support, please visit our FAQ at http://docs.testfairy.com/FAQ.html For questions not covered there, please contact support via the developer dashboard.


Released under Apache License.