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package examples.templating;
import com.vtence.molecule.Response;
import com.vtence.molecule.WebServer;
import com.vtence.molecule.middlewares.Layout;
import com.vtence.molecule.routing.Routes;
import com.vtence.molecule.templating.JMustacheRenderer;
import com.vtence.molecule.templating.Template;
import com.vtence.molecule.templating.Templates;
import java.util.Map;
import static com.vtence.molecule.templating.JMustacheRenderer.ClasspathTemplateLoader.classpath;
* <p>
* In this example we demonstrate rendering output using a template engine. We have a template for a common site
* layout and templates for the individual pages.
* </p>
* <p>
* Our templates are Mustache templates with an <code>.html</code> extension. We use JMustache as the template
* engine.
* </p>
public class TemplatingAndLayoutExample {
public void run(WebServer server) throws IOException {
// We use JMustache to render Mustache templates with an .html extension
Templates templates = new Templates(JMustacheRenderer.from(classpath("examples/templates").usingExtension("html")));
// This is template for the shared application layout
final Template<Map<String, String>> layout = templates.named("layout");
// This is the template for the greeting.html page
final Template<User> greeting = templates.named("greeting");
// Apply a common site layout to requests under the / path, i.e. to all rendered pages
server.filter("/", Layout.html(layout))
.route(new Routes() {{
get("/hello").to(request -> {
Response response = Response.ok()
.contentType("text/html; charset=utf-8");
String name = request.hasParameter("name") ? request.parameter("name") : "World";
// Mustache can use any object or a Map as a rendering context
return response.done(greeting.render(new User(name)));
private static class User {
public final String name;
public User(String name) { = name;
public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
TemplatingAndLayoutExample example = new TemplatingAndLayoutExample();
// Run the default web server
WebServer webServer = WebServer.create();;
System.out.println("Access at " + webServer.uri() + "/hello?name=Gandalf");