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Test Repository



This project provides a database of test results which can be used as part of developer workflow to ensure/check things like:

  • No commits without having had a test failure, test fixed cycle.
  • No commits without new tests being added.
  • What tests have failed since the last commit (to run just a subset).
  • What tests are currently failing and need work.

Test results are inserted using subunit (and thus anything that can output subunit or be converted into a subunit stream can be accepted).

A mailing list for discussion, usage and development is at - all are welcome to join. Some folk hang out on #testrepository on

CI for the project is at


Test Repository is under BSD / Apache 2.0 licences. See the file COPYING in the source for details.

Quick Start

Create a config file:

$ touch .testr.conf

Create a repository:

$ testr init

Load a test run into the repository:

$ testr load < testrun

Query the repository:

$ testr stats
$ testr last
$ testr failing

Delete a repository:

$ rm -rf .testrepository


More detailed documentation including design and implementation details, a user manual, and guidelines for development of Test Repository itself can be found at, or in the source tree at doc/ (run make -C doc html).