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Fix handling of uncatchable exceptions.

Fix a long-standing bug where tearDown and cleanUps would not be
called if the test run was interrupted. This should fix leaking
external resources from interrupted tests.
(Robert Collins, #1364188)

Fix a long-standing bug where calling sys.exit(0) from within a test
would cause the test suite to exit with 0, without reporting a failure
of that test. We still allow the test suite to be exited (since
catching higher order exceptions requires exceptional circumstances)
but we now call a last-resort handler on the TestCase, resulting in an
error being reported for the test.
(Robert Collins, #1364188)

Change-Id: I0700f33fe7ed01416b37c21eb3f3fd0a7ea917eb
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for-framework-folk.rst Fix handling of uncatchable exceptions.
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