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This module should be installed in your project's devDependencies:

npm install --save-dev @testing-library/react-native

You will need react, react-native, and react-test-renderer installed as dependencies in order to run this project.

Jest preset

It is highly recommended that you use the bundled Jest preset. You will likely experience unexpected behavior and have a sub-optimal experience if you do not use the preset.

This library includes an easy to adopt and reliable Jest preset to maximize the confidence you have in your tests. It extends the react-native preset, and was created order to more closely mimic behavior you would expect from any other member of the testing-library family.

// jest.config.js

+ preset: '@testing-library/react-native'
- preset: 'react-native'

You can continue to add to your Jest config as you normally would, you'll just want to make sure that if you modify the setupFiles key that you include any additional files after the setup files provided by the preset. Here's how you might do that:

const expoPreset = require('jest-expo/jest-preset.js');
const jestPreset = require('@testing-library/react-native/jest-preset');

module.exports = Object.assign(expoPreset, jestPreset, {
  setupFiles: [...expoPreset.setupFiles, ...jestPreset.setupFiles, './mySetup.js'],

If you use Expo, be sure to include the Expo setup files before this library's setup files! If you're using React Native, there's no need to do anything extra.

Generally speaking though, it's better to include any setup files you have in the setupFilesAfterEnv key of your Jest config.

Note: this preset will use the react-native jest preset included with your version of react-native, so please be aware that some behaviors may not be totally as expected if you are using an older version of the react-native library.

Here is a list of all the components this preset supports:


You can still use components like FlatList and SectionList, you just won't be able to directly select them or see them in debug output. These components wrap other components, that's why we don't let you select them directly. If you're having trouble selecting what you need to inside of one of these components that isn't mocked, just debug() to see what your users are seeing ☺️


You will likely be able to import everything you'll need from the project entry point like this:

import { render } from '@testing-library/react-native';

The library's tests run in Node 8-11 before all new versions are published, and all files are processed using the metro-react-native-babel-preset preset. Typings are included, but may not be perfect, and we are happy to accept PRs to improve them! ☺️

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