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puppeteer + dom-testing-library = πŸ’–
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puppeteer + dom-testing-library = πŸ’–

All your favorite user-centric querying functions from react-testing-library/dom-testing-library available from Puppeteer!


npm install --save-dev pptr-testing-library


const puppeteer = require('puppeteer')
const {getDocument, queries, wait} = require('pptr-testing-library')

const {getByTestId, getByLabelText} = queries

const browser = await puppeteer.launch()
const page = await browser.newPage()

// Grab ElementHandle for document
const $document = await getDocument(page)
// Your favorite query methods are available
const $form = await getByTestId($document, 'my-form')
// returned elements are ElementHandles too!
const $email = await getByLabelText($form, 'Email')
// interact with puppeteer like usual
await $email.type('')
// waiting works too!
await wait(() => getByText($document, 'Loading...'))

A little too un-puppeteer for you? We've got prototype-mucking covered too :)

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer')

const browser = await puppeteer.launch()
const page = await browser.newPage()

// getDocument is added to prototype of Page
const $document = await page.getDocument()
// query methods are added directly to prototype of ElementHandle
const $form = await $document.getByTestId('my-form')
// destructing works if you explicitly call getQueriesForElement
const {getByText} = $form.getQueriesForElement()
// ...


Unique methods, not part of dom-testing-library

  • getDocument(page: puppeteer.Page): ElementHandle - get an ElementHandle for the document

dom-testing-libary API. All get*/query* methods are supported.

  • getQueriesForElement(handle: ElementHandle): ElementHandle & QueryUtils - extend the input object with the query API and return it
  • wait(conditionFn: () => {}): Promise<{}> - wait for the condition to not throw
  • getNodeText(handle: ElementHandle): Promise<string> - get the text content of the element
  • queries: QueryUtils - the query subset of dom-testing-library exports
    • queryByPlaceholderText
    • queryAllByPlaceholderText
    • getByPlaceholderText
    • getAllByPlaceholderText
    • queryByText
    • queryAllByText
    • getByText
    • getAllByText
    • queryByLabelText
    • queryAllByLabelText
    • getByLabelText
    • getAllByLabelText
    • queryByAltText
    • queryAllByAltText
    • getByAltText
    • getAllByAltText
    • queryByTestId
    • queryAllByTestId
    • getByTestId
    • getAllByTestId
    • queryByTitle
    • queryAllByTitle
    • getByTitle
    • getAllByTitle

Known Limitations

  • waitForElement method is not exposed. Puppeteer has its own set of wait utilities that somewhat conflict with the style used in dom-testing-library. See #3.
  • fireEvent method is not exposed, use puppeteer's built-ins instead.
  • expect assertion extensions are not available.

Special Thanks

dom-testing-library of course!

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