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@kentcdodds kentcdodds released this 12 Mar 23:25

10.0.0 (2020-03-12)



Update DOM Testing Library

The latest version of DOM Testing Library has several breaking changes you will want to review the changelog of DOM Testing Library v7.0.0 to ensure you are unaffected.

Drop Node 8

Node 10 or greater is required. Node 8 is out of LTS (#576) (fccc2cf), closes #575

remove deprecated cleanup-after-each.js

This file which did nothing but log a warning to the console (#598) (7942f68)

- import '@testing-library/react/cleanup-after-each'
+ // nothing! Just remove it

As a general reminder, you should NOT need to use cleanup at all as this is done automatically for you (unless you're using @testing-library/react/pure in which case you know what you're doing... keep using cleanup).