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Cypress Testing Library

cypress-testing-library allows the use of dom-testing queries within Cypress end-to-end browser tests.

npm install --save-dev cypress cypress-testing-library


cypress-testing-library extends Cypress' cy command.

Add this line to your project's cypress/support/commands.js:

import 'cypress-testing-library/add-commands';

You can now use all of dom-testing-library's getBy, getAllBy, queryBy and queryAllBy commands. See dom-testing-library API for reference


To show some simple examples (from

cy.getAllByText('Jackie Chan').click()
cy.queryByText('Button Text').should('exist')
cy.queryByText('Non-existing Button Text').should('not.exist')
cy.queryByLabelText('Label text', { timeout: 7000 }).should('exist')
cy.get('form').within(() => {
  cy.getByText('Button Text').should('exist')
cy.get('form').then(subject => {
  cy.getByText('Button Text', { container: subject }).should('exist')

cypress-testing-library supports both jQuery elements and DOM nodes. This is necessary because Cypress uses jQuery elements, while dom-testing-library expects DOM nodes. When you pass a jQuery element as container, it will get the first DOM node from the collection and use that as the container parameter for the dom-testing-library functions.

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