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Testcafe Testing Library

testcafe-testing-library allows the use of dom-testing queries within Testcafe cross-browser end-to-end web testing.

npm install --save-dev testcafe testcafe-testing-library


testcafe-testing-library provides custom Selectors allowing you to query the dom.

Add testcafe-testing-library to your test fixture's beforeEach hook:

import {
  getByText, //or any other queries you want
} from 'testcafe-testing-library'


You can now import & use getBy, getAllBy, queryBy and queryAllBy selectors in your tests. See dom-testing-library API for reference


To show some simple examples (from

test('getByPlaceHolderText', async t => {
  await t.typeText(
    getByPlaceholderText('Placeholder Text'),
    'Hello Placeholder'
test('getByText', async t => {

test('getByLabelText', async t => {
  await t.typeText(
    getByLabelText('Label For Input Labelled By Id'),
    'Hello Input Labelled By Id'


By default the selectors come pre-bound to document.body, so no need to provide a container. However, if you want to restrict your query using a container, you can use within. Keep in mind that within works using a Testcafe ClientFunction so you will need to await it, and you can't make assertions on it like you can using a Selector.

Examples using within

import { within, addTestcafeTestingLibrary } from 'testcafe-testing-library'


test('getByText within container', async t => {
  const { getByText } = await within('#nested')
  await'Button Text')).ok()

test("queryByPlaceholder doesn't find anything", async t => {
  const { queryByPlaceholderText } = await within('#nested')

  await t.expect(queryByPlaceholderText('Placeholder Text').exists).notOk()

Known Issues

Whenever a non-client side browser navigation event occurs, you will need to make another call to addTestcafeTestingLibrary. Testcafe uses a Proxy to inject & execute tests/selectors. AFAIK, there's no way to tap into an on("navigate") event. I have filed an issue with Testcafe to address this so feel free to give it a +1.

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