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An iOS sample app with several views and elements. A perfect app to get started with automated calabash testing or replicating specific bugs.
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The testmunk sample app is a collection of iOS components including login screen, intro screens, navigation menu and tableview, plus a few others. It is a perfect start to try out your first automated testscripts or replicate issues and bugs. It supports iOS5, 6 and 7 using several available open source frameworks (see footer). Thanks!

How to login into the app

Pick any specific email address or username that you’d like and use the following password: testmunk


Several calabash/cucumber testcases demonstrate the possibilities of automated app testing. Testcases are covering:

  • Entering text into input fields
  • Touching Buttons
  • Swiping
  • Scrolling
  • Several Assertions

The testmunk teststep library can help you with extending.

How to run your first automated functional test?

The xcodeproj in this repo doesn't include the calabash testing framework yet. The easiest option is to download the free testmunk mac app, which assists you for the installation, writing testcases and testing against the simulator. You can also install it manually by following the manual installation.

The screens

Login Screen

alt tag ::: alt tag

Intro Screen

alt tag ::: alt tag ::: alt tag

Home view with several elements

alt tag ::: alt tag

Navigation Menu

alt tag


alt tag


alt tag

Photo View

alt tag


alt tag

###The TMSample app uses the following frameworks. Thanks a lot!

JVFloatLabeledTextField @jverdi

EAIntroView @ealeksandrov

FlatUIKit @jflinter

SlideOutNavigation @andreamazz

AGPhotoBrowser @andreagiavatto

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