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using TestProject.SDK.Examples.Android.Test.Pages;
using TestProject.SDK.Tests;
using TestProject.SDK.Tests.Helpers;
using TestProject.SDK.PageObjects;
using TestProject.SDK.Common.Attributes;
using TestProject.SDK.Common.Enums;
namespace TestProject.SDK.Examples.Android.Test
[Test(Name = "Extended Test")]
public class ExtendedTest : IAndroidTest
[Parameter(DefaultValue = "John Smith")]
public string name;
[Parameter(DefaultValue = "12345")]
public string password;
[Parameter(DefaultValue = "Earth")]
public string country;
[Parameter(DefaultValue = "Address")]
public string address;
[Parameter(DefaultValue = "someone@somewhere.tld")]
public string email;
[Parameter(DefaultValue = "+1 555 555 555")]
public string phone;
public ExecutionResult Execute(AndroidTestHelper helper)
var driver = helper.Driver;
var report = helper.Reporter;
var loginPage = PageFactory.InitElements<LoginPage>(driver);
report.Step("Launched TestProject Demo app", loginPage.Displayed);
loginPage.Login(name, password);
var profilePage = PageFactory.InitElements<ProfilePage>(driver);
report.Step($"Logged in with {name}:{password}", profilePage.Displayed);
profilePage.UpdateProfile(country, address, email, phone);
report.Step("Profile information saved", profilePage.Saved, TakeScreenshotConditionType.Always);
report.Result = "Test completed successfully";
return ExecutionResult.Passed;
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