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extends: substitution
message: Consider using '%s' instead of '%s'.
ignorecase: true
level: error
(?:alumnae|alumni): graduates
(?:alumna|alumnus): graduate
air(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): pilot(s)
anchor(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): anchor(s)
authoress: author
camera(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): camera operator(s)
chair(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): chair(s)
congress(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): member(s) of congress
door(?:m[ae]|wom[ae]n): convierge(s)
draft(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): drafter(s)
fire(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): firefighter(s)
fisher(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): fisher(s)
fresh(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): first-year student(s)
garbage(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): waste collector(s)
lady lawyer: lawyer
ladylike: courteous
landlord: building manager
mail(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): mail carriers
man and wife: husband and wife
man enough: strong enough
mankind: human kind
manmade: manufactured
men and girls: men and women
middle(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): intermediary
news(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): journalist(s)
ombuds(?:man|woman): ombuds
oneupmanship: upstaging
poetess: poet
police(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): police officer(s)
repair(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): technician(s)
sales(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): salesperson or sales people
service(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): soldier(s)
steward(?:ess)?: flight attendant
tribes(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): tribe member(s)
waitress: waiter
woman doctor: doctor
woman scientist[s]?: scientist(s)
work(?:m[ae]n|wom[ae]n): worker(s)