Try Optimus, the most advanced open source mobile test automation framework. The AppiumDemo repo is not being actively maintained. It was created to demonstrate a basic framework setup using Appium. It uses Flipkart android application, which is bundled along with and is present in the "apps" folder. The code is tested on this version of Flipkar…
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Note: We have built Optimus to help you start doing funtional automation from the first day itself. It's the most advanced framework which even let you do the inter-app testing very easily and it's absolutely free.



Testing Mobile App using Appium


Intent of this project is to illustrate how Appium can be used to test mobile application Android and parallelise the test with multiple android devices connected.

This project illustrate below concepts:

Android App Tests

This would precisely explain how to get started with Android App testing, write the first test and then the test suite management.

This java project has been created using IntelliJ IDea 13 Community Edition. POM File manages the dependency of Selenium (version 2.43.0). Project is using TestNG annotation. We have also bundled the respective mobile applications under the apps folder for ease.


  • Appium Set up - Before running the project you need to download and install Appium. Once this this done, do the android SDK set up as mentioned below.

  • Android SDK Set up - Download Android SDK, set up the path appropriately. Create virtual devices. Once the virtual devices are created, launch Appium and start the emulator accordingly.

  • Clone this repository

  • Open the solution

  • Rebuild

  • Run the test

For any help write us on