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Simple test results reporter for ICTU quality system.


To add Jasmine reports to your test run

  reporter = require 'testx-ictu-reporter'
    junit: # set to false to omit this reporter
      dir: 'results/junit' # defaults to 'testresults/junit'
      file: 'junit-' # defaults to 'junit'
    html:  # set to false to omit this reporter
      dir: 'testresults/html' # defaults to 'testresults/html'
    spec:  # set to false to omit this reporter
      displayStacktrace: false # defaults to false

You can have all reports installed with their default values if you omit the corresponding options attribute. This means that if you just invoke addJasmineReporters without an argument all reporters will be added with their default values.

If you do not want to add certain reporter simply set the corresponding option attribute to false. For example if you do not want to use the HTML reporter do

    html: false

For further details on configuring your reporters please take a look at testx-jasmine-reporters.

To send results to your test results collection service

  reporter = require 'testx-ictu-reporter'
  reporter.sendResults '', 'path/to/testresults.xml',
    appName: '[APP_NAME]'
    appVersion: '[APP_VERSION]'
    testDesc: '[TEST_DESCRIPTION]'
    testUser: '[TEST_USER]'
    testVersion: '[TEST_VERSION]'
    testTarget: '[TEST_TARGET]'
    testPlatform: '[TEST_PLATFORM]'