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Deep Carbon Observatory VIVO

Getting the source

% git clone
% cd dco-vivo
% git checkout <branch_name>
% git branch
% git submodule init
% git submodule update

Building vivo

  • ant clean - does what you think it would do
  • ant compile - builds the source. Does not build .war or run tests
  • ant test - builds and runs the tests
  • ant all - builds, runs tests, builds war file, copies the files to tomcat ** in change tomcat.home
  • ant distribute - builds, runs tests, builds war files under .build/distribution/vivo.war

Testing DOI input Try to find a DOI with limited authors who are in the DCO system already

  • login to VIVO
  • go to your profile in VIVO
  • select the Publications tab
  • click on the + next to "selected publications"
  • Enter the DOI 10.1016/j.cageo.2007.12.019
  • Click "Or import metadata from DOI"
  • Make sure all the information is correct in the form. For authors and journal please make sure to select one that already exists. We do not want duplication from a test
  • Click "Submit" If all goes well you should see the new publication in the system. Now delete it.