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Packaging pipeline for Envoy
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GetEnvoy is spread across multiple repos. For more details head over to

This repository contains scripts for building Envoy Proxy for GetEnvoy.

Directory Structure

  • envoy_pkg contains the scripts that packages GetEnvoy with bazel configurations for GetEnvoy. It also include packaging tests and build targets for rpm/deb/tar/docker.
  • common contains the Makefile that pulls upstream build image scripts and some modifications.
  • centos, ubuntu-xenial, alpineand mac contains OS specific scripts.

Build Image

The build image is a docker image contains all toolchains required to build Envoy, with some OS specific configuration and patches. This is based on Envoy's build_container scripts, and it is to provide consistent build result with the combination of build image and upstream commit.

To build the image, run:

$ make

builds docker images for Linux distributions in Linux, and macOS build context in macOS. The docker images will be tagged as<DISTRIBUTION>:<GIT_SHA>.

CI built images are published to

Build GetEnvoy package

To build the GetEnvoy package with the build image, run:

docker run -v ${OUTPUT_DIR}:/tmp/packaged<DISTRIBUTION>:<GIT_SHA> ./ --dist <DISTRIBUTION>

Then the tar package will be copied to where OUTPUT_DIR points to. The GetEnvoy package is versioned with upstream git SHA and the build repo SHA. i

Debugging package pipeline

To test your local changes to envoy_pkg, run:

$ docker run -v $(pwd):/envoy_pkg -it<DISTRIBUTION>:<GIT_SHA>

Then inside docker run so the script won't cleanup the build environment.

./ --dist <DISTRIBUTION> --nocleanup

Supported distribution

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