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Rewrote rfkill (bluetooth and WWAN) subdriver. Added UWB support. Rip…

…ped out useless sysfs interface to bluetooth and friends (the standard rfkill interface is perfectly good enough). In theory, the driver should now work with kernel 2.6.31.
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1 parent 664a5b8 commit 96ed58024cdaeb3e3f3cb06c49f18afc2f2d9e82 @tetromino committed Aug 8, 2009
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@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ the thinkpad_acpi driver.
Works: hotkeys, bluetooth, the Lenovo Care LED, the fan
Experimental: backlight brightness, WWAN
+Not tested: UWB
Not implemented: hdaps accelerometer
NB: to make the Lenovo Care LED blink, make sure the LED timer
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